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I am trying to use NSTextList to display a numeric list in a multi-line NSTextField but it is not working as intended.

The sample code used is:

- (IBAction)displayResult:(id)sender
    NSTextList *list = [[NSTextList alloc] initWithMarkerFormat:self.markerFormat options:1]; // {Decimal} passed as marker format
    NSMutableParagraphStyle *paragraph = [[NSParagraphStyle defaultParagraphStyle] mutableCopy];
    [paragraph setTextLists:[NSArray arrayWithObject:list]];
    [list release];
    NSDictionary *attributes = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:paragraph, NSParagraphStyleAttributeName, nil];
    NSAttributedString *attrString = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:self.inputString attributes:attributes] ; // input string is- George \n Thomas \n Ashok
    [self setOutputString:attrString]; 
    [attrString release];
    [paragraph release];

The input is -




The output should be -

1 George

2 Thomas

3 Ashok

but output it is showing is -




Can anyone suggest how to achieve the expected output?

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Everithing you are doing looks fine and ornately to me:) There is a problem with your input string Try this,

NSTextList *list1 = [[NSTextList alloc] initWithMarkerFormat:@"{decimal}" options:0]; // {Decimal} passed as marker format
NSMutableParagraphStyle *paragraph = [[NSParagraphStyle defaultParagraphStyle] mutableCopy];
[list1 setStartingItemNumber:1];
[paragraph setTextLists:[NSArray arrayWithObject:list1]];

NSDictionary *attributes = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:paragraph, NSParagraphStyleAttributeName, nil];
NSMutableAttributedString *attrString = [[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"\t%@ Suhas \n \t%@ Devarshi \n \t%@ Rohith\n", [list1 markerForItemNumber:1],[list1 markerForItemNumber:2],[list1 markerForItemNumber:3]] attributes:attributes] ;
 [self.text setStringValue:attrString];//self.text is a NSTextField instance. kindly ignore the compiler warning:)
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Awesome, this helped me out. I added an extra \t so that the NSTextView would automatically insert another bullet on the next line. [NSString stringWithFormat:@"\t%@\t%@", [textList markerForItemNumber:0], lineText.string] –  Brad Goss Mar 26 at 18:50
I am glad that it helped you, would have been happier if it get accepted as an answer.:) –  Suhas Aithal Mar 27 at 6:40
I'm glad you commented! I forgot to upvote, hah. +1 good sir. –  Brad Goss Mar 27 at 12:52

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