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I have a WinForm program. In one screen it has several ComboBoxes, TextBoxes, and Buttons. How can I make it so that when the user presses tab, it will go through the fields in sequential order. Meaning from top to bottom? Or we can say "In my defined order"? So, for example, it starts with TextBox1, and then when the user presses Tab, it will go to the next TextBox, and when Tab is pressed again, will go to Button1, etc. etc.

Not sure if it’s possible, but for some reason pressing tab jumps all over the place. What defines the "tab"? what logic does it use to make it jump to the next field?

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Each control has a property called TabIndex. When a user presses the Tab key, Windows cycles through each control in the order of the tab index. If two controls have the same TabIndex, they are selected in the order in which the controls were added to the Forms Controls collection.

It is also worth noting that if you have a control that can contain a group of controls within it's Controls collection (i.e. GroupBox), the tab processing engine will give tab focus to the parent control and then cycle through all of the internal controls, in their internal sorted order. This means that all child TabIndex values can be maintained independently of all other controls that are in the same collection as the parent control.

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Each control has a property called "TabIndex". These will by default just be incrementing as you create items. You can set these manually.

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The TabIndex property of each control defines the tab order within a container (Form, GroupBox, Panel, etc). If you are working in the Visual Studio Designer, you can use the View --> Tab Order menu item to view/edit the tab sequence.

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+1 I almost forgot about that feature, it is truly wonderful. Thanks for reminding me! –  John McDonald Aug 23 '11 at 17:06

Please check out TabIndex property.

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You need to use the TabIndex propert on the control. Be aware that according to the documentation, you must set the TabStop property to true in order for it to be included in the tab ordering.

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You need to define the TabIndex of each control. There is a button in the designer toolbar to make it easier (I don't remember the name, but you should find it easily... it's probably something like "Tab Order"). Click this button, then click each control on the form in turn.

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