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My flash projector for both Mac and Windows will have a 10 second lag after initially loading from a DVD. This is my first DVD deployed project.

Summary of Project:

I created a AS3 Flash learning tool to be given to a classroom on a DVD. It uses Papervision3D to create a wall that looks like Jeopardy, but behind each tile is a video. It has an intro video that plays first, and then you are taken to the Jeopardy wall The project loads an XML file that stores the list of videos and their corresponding answers. It has 24 .FLVs that are compressed down to 2-7mb each.

Step by Step of Problem:

1.) When you insert the DVD, it loads and lets you see the files contained in the DVD.
2.) Using a Mac, you click on the .app projector file, and it starts to load. You here the DVD start to spin faster
3.) It shows the loading screen which contains a percentage complete and a looping animation.
4.) Every time at 64-66% percent it just stops for 10 seconds. It also stops the looping animation. On PC, it will show the window as Not Responding. After the 10-15 seconds are up it finishes loading.
5.)After loading is complete, it plays the intro video. Then creates the Papervision3D Jeopardy wall.

I found in the Flash 8 Bible where it said that .exe & .app projecters will add size to a project. They weren't kidding. My 525KB project became a 22MB .app Projector and a 5.7MB .exe projector. I then tested just a stage with a movieclip and it published a 21MB .app projector and a 5.6MB .exe projector.

Is there anyway to avoid this 10 second lag?

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It sounds like some part of your initialization code is causing this delay. Are you able to trace it down, perhaps by printing out messages to a text field at different point in your loading process. Try to narrow it down until you find the piece of your code that causes the delay. It will then be more likely that people can help you optimize it. –  richardolsson Aug 23 '11 at 17:02
Ok. I will see what I can come up with. –  RedGiant Aug 23 '11 at 17:40
XML always causes Flash to hang for me, try creating a blank project and test the loading of the same size XML file to see if it causes the same lag. –  xLite Aug 23 '11 at 21:44

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