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Crystal Version: Crystal Reports 2008

I have a string parameter that has multiple options:

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3... Team 16

I want to show which team(s) the user selects on the report.

User selected: Team 1, Team 5, Team 6, Team 13

The logic I want to use is:

if {?SelectTeam}="All" then "All"
else totext({?SelectTeam})

but obviously, that doesn't work. I have added the parameter to the report and it only shows the first item that is selected. Any suggestions?

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Something like this would work since {?SelectTeam} should be an array.

Local StringVar StrTeams := "";
Local NumberVar i; /FTFY
if {?SelectTeam}="All" then "All"
else (
    For i := 1 To UBound({?SelectTeam}) Do
        StrTeams := StrTeams + {?SelectTeam}[i] + " ";
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IIf ({?SelectTeam}="All", "All", Join({?SelectTeam}, " ") )
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