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I have a simple application which stores the data into the sql server database table named student table .The design of the table is as follows 3 colums. name ,sex and registeredtime(datetime).In my WPF window i have three fields to insert the data into the table.Now i want to have the delete button based on the input given by the user(which is a datetimepicker).

How to delete the data from the table which is 7 days old compared to the date given by the user. ?

I want to have a stored procedure which i can call from the c# code.i am able to try some thing like this but Select * from studenttable where registereddate < GetDate()-7 but i am unable to achieve what i am supposed to ...

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If this is homework please tag it as such. – Yuck Aug 23 '11 at 16:57
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You will probably need to use the DATEADD function:

DELETE StudentTable
WHERE DATEADD(day,-7,GetDate()) > registeredDate

Make sure you do the equivalent select first to make sure you are deleting what you want:

SELECT * FROM StudentTable
WHERE DATEADD(day,-7,GetDate()) > registeredDate

Your stored proc would look something like this:

    DELETE StudentTable
    WHERE DATEADD(day,-7,GetDate()) > registeredDate
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FROM StudentTable ST
WHERE DATEADD(day,-7,GetDate()) > registeredDate 

A little trick to allow you to check the records you are going to affect inthe delte statment before running for the first time. Just run from the SElect on to check the records chosemn, then you know the delte will affect the right records before you do it.

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+1 I have accidentally deleted rows so many times because I forgot to check them with a SELECT first. – Matthew Aug 23 '11 at 17:24
@Matthew PK, that's why I like the combined form o f thequery – HLGEM Aug 23 '11 at 18:20
create procedur spDeleteByDate
@dateTo datetime

declare @dateFrom datetime;
set @dateFrom = select DATEADD(day, -7, @dateTo)

delete from your_table where [your_date_column] between @dateFrom and @dateTo


I hope this helps

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If I read your question correctly you just replace your SELECT * FROM syntax with DELETE syntax

    registereddate < @pYourDate

Then you pass in the date as the stored procedure parameter from c#

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(@date smalldatetime)

DELETE studenttable 
WHERE registereddate < (@date - 7)



  1. You want to avoid doing any functions on regsitereddate in your WHERE clause, so your index can still be used.
  2. @date is called a parameter. Look into parameters in your C# function as well. Other keywords there: sqlcommand, addwithvalue(), etc.
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