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I have an old report written by someone else and don't want to change it too much. Each data row has a field at the beginning that is populated with the Category name if it is the first record for that Category and is left blank for all the others. A total line follows at the end of a Category section.

I works fine except when there is a page break between the first record and the last. In this case it is hard to tell what the category is since it is on the previous page.

My question is if there is a way to tell if a row is the first on a page? I tried

=Iif( (RowNumber(Nothing) = 1), Fields!DepartmentDescription.Value, "")

but that only shows the category for the first record in the category (which is already done using RowNumber("tblMain_DepartmentGroup") = 1, not the first record on the page.

Thanks for any help.

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You could have easily used the First() function. It literally receives and uses the first value it gets from the data collection.

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