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Is there a library or open sourced Obj C code that will let me sniff for all advertised Bonjour services on a network? Best if it works on Mac OS X or iOS.

Thx all.

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You're spoilt for choice.

OS X ships with the mdns command for registering and browsing services on the link-local network. To browse for advertised websites (normally services of type _http._tcp.) you'd do this:

mdns -B _http._tcp

And a list will return and update pretty much instantly as things appear/disappear. Yes, it's open-sourced. Apple's C-based implementation of multicast DNS (both library and tools) compiles without much hassle on most *NIXes.

If you're looking for a GUI tool, I find the bonjour browser app from Tildesoft pretty useful.

If you don't want to use mdns to advertise your own services try the network beacon.

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Thanks Chris. "bonjour browser" worked out well for me. –  pbhowmick Aug 28 '11 at 2:40
No worries. If you mark the question as answered you'll get more responses in future. –  Chris Mowforth Aug 31 '11 at 9:24

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