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I'd like to create attribute validation for a check box or radio buttons but have that validation not be enforced when it is not applicable. Unfortunately, disabling the control or making it read-only does not turn off the validation.

Does anyone know how from jQuery or JavaScript, I could stop the validation when some state was true (the control was disabled or some other checkbox was unchecked, for example)?

Thanks, Paul

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imho the proper solution is to use two different view models. – jgauffin Aug 23 '11 at 20:05

I believe this post will help.

How can I add, remove, or swap jQuery validation rules from a page?

To sum it up here's the code

var settings = $('form').validate().settings;
delete settings.rules.rightform_input1;
delete settings.messages.rightform_input1;

Setting would look something like this.

    rules: {
        leftform_input1: { required: true },
        leftform_input2: { required: true }
    messages: {
        leftform_input1: "Field is required",
        leftform_input2: "Field is required"
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