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Open a page on a site in trusted sites, click on link that opens a page at the same site in a new tab (same window). New tab opens however it is blank. I did some searching and it turns out many people seem to have this same problem. however no real fixes seem to be easily found.

Some details of the problem: I did some testing and found that when I am on the starting page ex http://mysite.com/page1.aspx. *.mysite.com is in the trusted sites list (https is not required). I check this page is opening in trusted sites as expected. On page1.aspx is a link to page2.aspx on the same site, target="_Blank" is set on the href. When the link is clicked the tab is created but it is blank, I can determine that the the new tab is in the internet zone not the trusted site zone as expected. Further the address in the address on the new tab is page1.aspx not page2.aspx as expected. If i go to the address bar and hit enter page1 will display and then if I click on the link it will open a new tab and display page2. So the problem appears to be that the trusted site is being lost on the first new tab that is opened after that it appears to work properly. I should also point out this is only happening on one PC.

solutions tried: resetting all settings, upgrading from internet explorer 8 to 9, turning on/off inprivate filtering.

If I remove the site from trusted sites this works as expected.

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Is there a question in there somewhere? –  Marc B Aug 23 '11 at 19:38
ya sorry about that I had to type it up quickly. I need to know why when opening a link with target=_blank it always opens in the internet zone and not the zone it should open up in, which in this case is the trusted zone. –  ethermal Aug 24 '11 at 12:49
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3 Answers

Try adding about:blank to Trusted Sites list. In a similar issue I'd on one of our intranet sites, doing this helped.

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Yes, the above method didn`t work for me either. I posted the answer after a few successful attempts to open a new window but it failed afterwards. I solved my problem another way though:

Internet Options -> Advanced -> Restore advanced Settings and Reset Internet Explorer Settings

I hope this helps someone

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Go to Internet Options - General - Tabs - Settings - Always open pop-ups in a new window.

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sadly that has no effect, only option was a wipe and reload of the OS. –  ethermal Oct 12 '11 at 19:37
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