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Sorry this is a stupid question, but I'll ask. I have to develop an app with multiple screens. I have automatically generated xib file. But for my other screen I need another xib file. How do I create another xib file.

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+1 for "stupid" question, but your question helped me –  Maxim Shoustin Feb 16 '13 at 14:40
@MaximShoustin Glad it helped you. I took one for the team. :) –  ilaunchpad Feb 18 '13 at 21:29

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(Assuming XCode 4)

In the "File -> New File..." menu dialog, there is a subsection called "User Interface."

You will notice in the description of each of the sub-items, it says "An Interface Builder Document." Those are various types of nibs.

If you're creating a new ViewController specifically, you can also choose the "Cocoa Touch" section and select the "UIViewController subclass" item. There is a checkbox in the next page called "With XIB for User Interface." which will create the NIB as well as the associated class files.

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In XCode 4:

To create a standalone user interface (XIB):

File -> New File -> iOS -> User Interface

Then choose:

  • Application (includes delegate and window)
  • Window
  • View
  • Empty

To create a new UIViewController class with a user interface:

File -> New File -> iOS -> Cocoa Touch -> UIViewController subclass -> Click Next

Then, name the new view controller class and select "With XIB for user interface."

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In XCode 5: ( Created a NEW someVC.xib when you just Deleted your old someVC.xib )

more Steps need to done:

tap : ClassNameWithViewController.xib , as processes in last answer , and IB opened

choice: File's owner

tap : Identity Inspector

in [Custom Class] -> pull-down the [Class] window to selected -> ClassNameWithViewController

back to tap : File's owner

2 finger tap : File's owner -> open the Links Menu -> drag a line from [view's small-circle] to [View] in IB

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