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Hi i am trying to take a single input from the user and delete some information form the grid which i dispaly.So for this i want to raise a input box/dialog box which accepts the text and when i hit the button on the dialog box ,i want to save the data.Is it possible with out creating a new window or usecontrol ?

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If you mean something like VB 6 Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox there is nothing out of the box for both WinForms and WPF.

But of course many people coming from Delphi and VB6 are missing this you can find a lot of ready solutions in the Internet, for instance: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/edit/InputBox.aspx

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To my knowledge there is no built-in dialogue for input (aside from MessageBox). You could create a window on the fly though if you do not want to subclass it. Just create a new window instance in code and set its Content to have some default Buttons (OK & Cancel) and a TextBox.

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