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I wanted to register a custom naming convention for a property that I have on a number of domain objects and associated view models.

The domain object has an enum property PublishStatus and the view model has a boolean property Published.

If I create a custom SourceMemberNameTransformer like on How do I get AutoMapper to deal with a custom naming convention?, do I just return the original string for properties that don't match PublishStatus?

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Warning: it seems the property "SourceMemberNameTransformer" has been removed in after version 2.1.1 of Automapper –  SteveC Nov 15 '12 at 11:13

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If I understand your question properly you probably want a ValueResolver. Something like:

public class PublishStatusResolver : ValueResolver<PublishStatus, bool>
    protected override bool ResolveCore(PublishStatus status)
        return status == PublishStatus.Published;

Then in mapping code you call it like:

.ForMember(dto => dto.Published, 
           opt => opt.ResolveUsing<PublishStatusResolver>()
                     .FromMember(src => src.PublishStatus))
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no I'm trying to avoid mapping like this. I'm trying to register a naming convention so that AutoMapper automatically uses my ValueResolver without be explicitly declaring it on each property. –  Ben Foster Aug 24 '11 at 22:36

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