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How to write command in bash ? ( for user test if program return segmentation fault, remove lock file. )

su -c "/usr/local/bin/test || if $? > 0 then rm -fr /var/run/test.lock " test
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su -c "/usr/local/bin/test || if [ $? -gt 0 ]; then rm -fr /var/run/test.lock; fi" test


su -c "/usr/local/bin/test || [ $? -gt 0 ] && rm -fr /var/run/test.lock" test
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dimba is absolutely right an has as well provided the correct solution. Another one with if could be su -c "if ! /usr/local/bin/test; then rm -fr /var/run/test.lock; fi" – glglgl Aug 24 '11 at 5:52

$? in double quotas is expanded before su command is executed.

You don't need to check $? - right part of || is executed only if test fails:

su -c "/usr/local/bin/test || rm -fr /var/run/test.lock " test
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