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Out of the blue several previously working SOAP calls I do from Java code give "DefaultValidationEventHandler: [ERROR]: unexpected element...".

It is complaining about about the response object. A few things though; it had been working fine, I did not change the schema or the EJB, or the caller code, I do no have a scheme validation feature on the port, and the response looks just fine to me. It is the client side that is complaining. The server successfully executes the request without comment.

I think my Eclipse environment may be malfunction.

Is there a way to disable client side schema validation of the response from the service or port object?

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I figured this out and it was Eclipse (Helios) as I suspected. It turns out that if anything is incorrect with the Java EE perspective and/or any enterprise projects, Eclipse will quietly stop rebuilding things.

I found this out when I deleted everything under build/classes, and then nothing would run. An unrelated project was pointed at a no longer valid server profile.

How this resulted in the behavior I saw is unknown. And it would still be nice to know how to disable validation. It is supposed to off by default, but that but is not.

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