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Any suggestions for a good way to do this?

I want to be able to draw lots of 2D things in XNA- often in offset position. eg if something is in position (X,Y) then ideally I'd like to be able to pass it a modified SpriteBatch which, when Draw(X,Y) is called would take account of the offset and draw the thing at (X+OffsetX, Y+OffsetY).

I don't want to pass this offset to the children and have to deal with it separately in each child- that could screw up and would also screw up my interfaces!

Firstly I thought of having a Decorator to a SpriteBatch which if I call Decorator.Draw for something in position (X,Y) would route this to the original SpriteBatch as (X+offsetX, y+offsetY). But then I can't override the Draw methods in the SpriteBatch class, and even if I created my own "Decorator.DrawOffset", the Decorator seems to need "SpriteBatch.Begin()" called and stuff which seems to break... :(

I then thought of Extension Methods, but I think they'd need the offset passed to them as a variable each time draw() is called? Which still requires me to pass the offset down through the children...

Another option would be to draw the children to a RenderTarget (or whatever they are in XNA4) and then render this to the screen in an offset position... but that seems hideously inefficient?

Thanks for any comments!

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you should use a Transformation Matrix.

Matrix Transform = Matrix.CreateTranslation(offsetX, offsetY, 0);

SpriteBatch.Begin(...,...,...., Transform);
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Aha! That's a good way of doing it. Thanks very much! Hmm, what should I do if I have already called SpriteBatch.Begin though? Is there a nicer way than: SpriteBatch.End() SpriteBatch.Begin(..., transform) SpriteBatch.End() SpriteBatch.Begin(go back to how it was to start with) ? – user908588 Aug 24 '11 at 12:04
Same question here. The documentation states that it's better not to call Spritebatch.Begin and End more than once in a Draw loop! So how do you transform one object, but not all of them? – Kokodoko May 26 '15 at 13:34

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