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I have a fairly simple call I'm trying to make to a database. I have everything surrounded in try/catch and if statements, but... nothing. I know I'm making the connection (the connection refcount in MySQL increments each time I try running the script), but it never seems to return. Code is:

 if (!conn.connect(db, server, username, pass))
 { /* Log error to a file */}
     mysqlpp::Query query = conn.query();
     query << "CALL db.test('1', '2')";
     std::cout << "About to call query" << std::endl;
     if (mysqlpp::StoreQueryResult res = query.store())
        std::string toReturn = "";
        std::cout << "Query called.  Result: " << toReturn << std::endl;
 catch(Exception e)
 { /*Output caught exception*/ }

and I get:

    About to call query

as my sole output. I have more debugging in there (query is being put together correctly, connection is correct, etc). Anyone have any idea what might be happening, or what I should check next?


-- Edit: If I run the call straight from MySQL, everything works as expected, so that's not causing the problem.

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You should call the query inside conn.query(); Like

std::cout << "About to call query" << std::endl;
mysqlpp::Query query = conn.query("CALL db.test('1', '2')");
if (mysqlpp::StoreQueryResult res = query.store())
   std::string toReturn = "";      //this is not necessary
   res[0][0].to_string(toReturn);  //this is not necessary

   for (size_t i = 0; i < res.num_rows(); ++i) 
        std::cout << "Query called.  Result: " << res[i][0] << std::endl;

you can refer http://tangentsoft.net/mysql++/doc/html/userman/tutorial.html for examples

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