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I have a list of url paths:

WHITELIST_PATHS = [ '/assets', '/images', '/javascripts']

How can regex be used to do something like:

allow_access = WHITELIST_PATHS.include? '/assets/application.css'

Idea being that the tested path just needs to start with a whitelist path. Ideas? Thanks

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allow_access = WHITELIST_PATHS.any? {|p| '/assets/application.css'.start_with? p }
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Thanks, would you mind explaining how that works ? curious to learn and I'll give points ! – ColdTree Aug 24 '11 at 1:58
@ColdTree any? returns true/false if any of the items in the array satisfy the block. So it will pass each path (/assets, /images, /javascripts) into the block as p in turn. The block just checks if /assets/application.css starts with that path. So if any of the paths match, it will return true. – jtbandes Aug 24 '11 at 2:01
WHITELIST_PATHS = [ '/assets', '/images', '/javascripts']
# probably should be 
# WHITELIST_PATHS = [ '/assets/', '/images/', '/javascripts/']

allow_access = !!('/assets/application.css' =~ WHITELIST_REGEXP)
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