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i'm trying out the OSS catarse and it works fine on my machine after following the tutorial(see the link).

Then i push it to heroku using

git push heroku master

And it works fine, the problem is when i try to migrate the db using

heroku rake db:migrate 

I get

(in /app)
rake aborted!
no such file to load -- capybara/rails

And i'm not sure what should i do, i saw a couple of solutions online, but the people that had this same problem never got an answer on the forums they post. One of the answers was:

I've moved capybara outside the groups and now rake db:migrate works just fine, tks!!

I must say this person had a terrible english, i'm not sure what he did, buts thats pretty much all he says. I thought he meant the Gemfile line

group :test, :development do

Found on the original file, i removed it and the problem remains. Any other ideas? any help would be appreciated, i'm just starting to learn rails and i'm much willing to learn anything i need to solve this issue so feel free to send me rtfm just tell me which :P

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I found that what he meant was moving the line above group :test, :development do Just for clarification this is how it looked before

 33 group :test, :development do
 34   gem 'capybara', ">= 0.4.0"

Those are the line numbers btw and this is after

 33 gem 'capybara', ">= 0.4.0"
 34 group :test, :development do

Now heroku rake db:migrate works as expected, the app still doesnt work but thats for another question maybe. If anyone care to explain that would be much appreciated.

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