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I have been trying to create a rule which will move mail to a specific folder based on the mail-subject. I am trying to use c# to achieve this, but I am not able to get it to work?

Here is the code:


Const CdoPR_SENSITIVITY = &H360003


const REL_EQ = 7

Const PR_Transport_Headers = &H0037001E

Set objRules = CreateObject("MSExchange.Rules")

Set objRule = CreateObject("MSExchange.Rule")

Set objPropVal = CreateObject("MSExchange.PropertyValue")

Set objAction = CreateObject("MSExchange.Action")

servername = ""

mailboxname = ""

Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")

objSession.Logon "","test123",true,true,true,true,servername & vbLF & mailboxname

Set objInbox = objSession.Inbox

Set CdoInfoStore1 = objSession.GetInfoStore

Set CdoFolderRoot = CdoInfoStore1.rootFolder

Set CdoFolders1 = CdoFolderRoot.Folders

bFound = False
Set CdoFolder1 = CdoFolders1.GetFirst

Do While (Not bFound) And Not (CdoFolder1 Is Nothing)

If CdoFolder1.Name = "Private Inbox" Then

bFound = True


Set CdoFolder1 = CdoFolders1.GetNext

End If


Set ActionFolder = CdoFolder1

' Create PropVal for messages marked company confidential

Set importPropVal = CreateObject("MSExchange.PropertyValue")

importPropVal.Tag = PR_Transport_Headers

importPropVal.Value = "***Test***"

' Create property condition for when the message is marked company confidential

Set Cond_sens = CreateObject("MSExchange.PropertyCondition")

Cond_sens.PropertyTag = PR_Transport_Headers

Cond_sens.Operator = REL_EQ

Cond_sens.Value = importPropVal

objRules.folder = objInbox

objAction.ActionType = ACTION_MOVE

objAction.Arg = ActionFolder

objRule.Name = "Test Rule"

objRule.Condition = Cond_sens

objRule.Actions.Add , objAction

objRules.Add , objRule


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Move mail from where to where? – NullUserException Aug 24 '11 at 5:26
when a mail received by exchange 2003 for a specific user, then for example if the mail subject is "test", then it has to move to "test" folder. – Pardha Aug 24 '11 at 5:38
Please just edit your question if your want to provide more information. Answers are reserved for answers, not discussion. You can use comments under answers that you might receive to ask for clarification. – Tim Post Aug 25 '11 at 15:44

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