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I am uploading a file from an iOS app onto S3 that can get pretty large. (up to 3-5mb) I want to have a way to have a progress bar for the upload for the user to be able to see the progress of the upload. I have looked into multiple classes, but have not seen a solution.

The most popular online is ASIHTTPRequest, which supports asynchronous uploading, but I do not see where it provides a progress for me to display.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Now that ASIHTTPRequest is deprecated, is there a better way to do this? –  Matthew Dec 27 '13 at 19:15

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ASIHTTPRequest provides the state information, but you provide the progress view. It's called UIProgressView, and it's a subclass of UIView, which means you can drop it in anywhere there's already a view.

You hook up the request's delegate to your progress view — as data comes in, the delegate tells your progress view to update itself with the current progress of the request.

Read the "Tracking Progress" section of the ASIHTTPRequest docs for more information.

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Thank You! I knew how to use a progress view, but did not see the Tracking Progress section. This will make things much easier! –  Matthew Aug 24 '11 at 20:22

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