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This is My code:

char cName[20] = {0};
int iSum = 0;
int k=0;


for(unsigned int i=0;i<=k;i++)

m_sSerial.Format(_T("%i"), iSum);
SetDlgItemText(IDC_ESerial, (LPCTSTR)m_sSerial);

I tried both of them in MSVC 6 and MSVC 2008(this one recently, of course) but

MSVC 6 reult = 308
and MSVC 2008 result =241.

input of both =MSVC

what's wrong? why I 've got 2 different answers and how to fix it in MSVC2008?

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Don't do forceful typecasting. Remove all LPTSTR, LPCTSTR, (wchar_t*) typecasting. Declare cName as:

TCHAR cName[20] = {0};

This will ensure cName is WCHAR for Unicode builds and GetDlgItemTextW is called for Unicode builds, and cName would be char for MBCS builds and GetDlgItemTextA is called.

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