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I am performing this via sql but i want to do this in hql, select statement in from ( select count(*)...) not works in hql, any sugestion and optimization would be appreciated

SELECT u.username,u.device_tocken,sr.count
from users u,
    (select count(*) as count ,ssr.recepient as res from survey_recipient ssr where      
    (ssr.is_read is false and ssr.recepient in ('abc','xyz'))group by ssr.recepient ) sr 
    (u.username = sr.res and u.device_tocken is not null)
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Hibernate does not support subselects in from clouse. i tried many things and gave up when i found this jira issue.

see here

But if you have to use subselect you can create database views and use them in your sql as normal tables.

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