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can someone explain what's going on here? according to this link: –I thought it made perfect sense. I had container elements with set heights causing the weird floating. But after spending an hour going through and essentially deleting any associated heights I still have the problem in IE7/windows.

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You need to remove clear:right from .blog-post .post-body to fix the heading overlap with the image and remove zoom:1 from .post-body a to fix the text-wrap around the image.

The heading is also floated and cleared right but clear:right on the post-body seems to be causing IE to clear all the floats, even the heading.

The zoom:1 seems to be clearing the image's intended float by giving the image layout.

As @Webars has already said, this layout is overly floaty and should be simplified and could be done without the need for zoom hacks. However in the meantime, the IE specific styles (zoom being one of them) could be added to a seperate stylesheet and included for IE only using Conditional comments.

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thank you. and yeah I'm going to write conditional comments for IE for now and work on cleaning up my code – Alan Aug 24 '11 at 15:26
Happy to help :-) I forgot to mention that I like the look of the site. – andyb Aug 24 '11 at 18:52

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