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This has got to be a lamer question:

In my test project I am attempting to configure log4net. The following method call gives the error.


"type name expected but method found"

What am I overlooking?

Thanks, Nick

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Is this a compile time error or runtime error? Do you have a using log4net.Config statement in your class file? Does it still happen if you change it to reference the full class name?

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I'm not sure if linking to blog entries is verboten...

If you are trying to log NHibernate stuff, here is what I do:

How to show Log4Net info in NUnit (from NHibernate)

I also have a more basic getting started guide here:

Getting Started with Log4Net

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btw: Hi nick. :) –  Chris Brandsma Apr 4 '09 at 16:01
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oops.. I was trying to do this in the wrong context. I added the method call to my test project's constructor and we're good.

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