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I'm using symfony 1.4 doctrine. I have an output in my database/browser that looks something like this:

Start time: 12:00:00 End time: 05:00:00

Now I want to change this format like this:

Start time: 12:00 pm End time: 5:00 pm

I tried to convert this in yaml in the backend application like this:


//some yaml code
  startime: { date_format: h:i A }
  endtime:  { date_format: h:i A }

I use this format but it did'nt work, probably I set in the schema.yml their data types in "time" format:


//some yaml code
     startime: { type: time, notnull: true }
     endtime:  { type: time, notnull: true }

I set my startime and endtime to time format just to get the time value only for my project. I did'nt set it to date type because it will affect my front end application. For example if I input 5:00 the display will be 12:00 am, its because I use date type.

To turn this 5:00:00 to 5:00 pm/am in display, I set it into time data type and I use this syntax like this which I used in showSuccess and Indexsuccess template.

<?php echo date('g:i A', strtotime($reservation_application->getStartime()));

this code will format 00:00:00 into 12:00 am or something. but it doesnt change (00:00:00) in the data base. ONLY in display.

Is there a way to format this 00:00:00 into 12 hr format in the yaml file? Many thanks

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When you save a time, it's always stored without any culture information. (And as soon as you're going to create a multilingual website, you'll be glad of that!).

That said, it's best to use the DateHelper when formatting dates in the view. This has a format_date function. When you're using this function, don't forget to set the default_culture in the settings.yml (or set the correct culture in the sfUser).

For example format_date($date, 't'); prints the current time, in the users culture.

For an overview of which patterns you can use, see this page.

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