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Delphi-7, DevExpress ExpressQuantumGrid Suite For Delphi.BCB v5.8 Fianl

I have a lookupcombobox column in cxGrid named emaillist_id. Where emaillist_id is KeyField and Email is ListField. A user can either choose an email from the list or type a new one. When user type new Email I want to add it to a database table using SP. For that I need to get edited value. How can I do that?

Or maybe, there is a better solution for this problem.

procedure TfrmClientEmail.grdClientEMailDBTableViewEditValueChanged(
  Sender: TcxCustomGridTableView; AItem: TcxCustomGridTableItem);
  if AItem.Index=(Sender as TcxGridDBTableView).GetColumnByFieldName('emaillist_id').Index then
   with ADOSP_ClientEmailEdit do
        Parameters.ParamValues['@email']:=Sender.Controller.EditingController.Edit.EditValue;//This return KeyFieldValue


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Use the event Properties.OnNewLookupDisplayText. Here you get the EditValue (DisplayText) as parameter.

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Thanks alot. You saved my day. –  Igor Aug 24 '11 at 8:16

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