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Given the guard-rails gem is an easy way to start a rails server and to relaunch it automatically during development as the source files change;

how should this gem be used to launch the processes in a Procfile instead of having it run rails s?

I have already found the foreman gem, which can read and start each process listed in the Procfile with foreman start.

Thanks! -A

Edit 1

This is a bad approach. Each process should be managed individually by guard so that they can

  • be restarted independently, and
  • be launched with development-friendly flags
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It might be worth asking this on meta.stackoverflow.com –  Kris Jan 31 '12 at 10:11
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you could fork the gem and add your changes to the RailsRunner that has a hardcoded command:

  %{sh -c 'cd #{Dir.pwd} && rails s #{rails_options.join(' ')} &'}


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