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My Marklogic xQuery fn:data(<type>hello world</type>) gives me Invalid lexical value error This is the stack trace:

query evaluated in Documents at file::Docs/ as 1.0-ml (cq v4.1-1-EA)

[1.0-ml] XDMP-LEXVAL: xs:integer("hello world") -- Invalid lexical value "hello world"
Stack trace:

line 2:
2: fn:data(<type>hello world</type>)

xdmp:eval("&#13;&#10;fn:data(<type>hello world</type>)", (), <options xmlns="xdmp:eval"><isolation>different-transaction</isolation></options>)

in /cq/eval.xqy line 111: 

And when I use fn:data(<p>hello world</p>) it is giving me expected answer (hello world).

Any help on this error would be appreciated.


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Glad you figured it out. It looks like the extra schema was targeting the empty namespace?

Here's a tip: avoid using a schema unless it also specifies a namespace. That makes it much easier to keep your schemas organized.

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Finally figured what was wrong. Had an xsd which was defining element type as xs:integer thats why this error was coming. Removed that xsd and now everything is working fine :)

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