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I'm interested in building a game and I wanted to know that if i take help of any publisher like .. say chillingo .. what shares would be mine? any one have any idea?

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This question does not belong here. The rules and fine print likely depend upon publisher and jurisdiction. – user166390 Aug 24 '11 at 7:26

That's a real debate going out there. Basically, a publisher will take a lot of load off your shoulders, but will most likely want to have some decision rights - you might end up having a lead designer telling you how to do your game.

If it's an indie-game, I'd rather try to publish it myself for now. If your game is done, you might still propose the game to a publisher without having him interfere during the game development.

I also remember one game engine to have their own publishing network without interfering with the development process, but can't quite remember the name right now. I'll ask a friend of mine later and post the answer.

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