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One of the requirements for the twitter client we are developing for the community is a spellcheck component. What are some of the spellcheck components/systems you have used in applications and what was your experience using it?

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Addict Component Suite is the most complete one for Delphi, but it's not free.

But I think you are looking for freeware for your twitter utility, I have used LS Speller for free project and worked fine with me, it's based on ISpell, so you can update it with newer dictories.

But there's no D2009 update yet, and seems it's not actively developed.

Another option to use the MS Word built in dictionary.

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Isn't "Addictive" the name of the company, and "Addict" the name of the product? –  Argalatyr Apr 5 '09 at 19:53
You are right, I modified it :-), thanks for the correction –  Mohammed Nasman Apr 6 '09 at 5:38
IMO, Addict is well worth it. It's not free, but there's no royalty for distribution. It's continually updated, works with lots of 3rd-party memo/edit components, has lots of dictionaries, and can even integrate with the user's custom Word dictionary. Good stuff. –  Chris Thornton Jan 21 '11 at 13:14

In the blog comments Ken just suggested LS Spell which uses the ISpell dictionaries. It is for Delphi 5, 6 and 7, so as long as it doesn't make explicit use of other string types might work fine.

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I've been using Addict and have been pretty happy with it. I've used it mainly in conjunction with WPTools for mail merge & emailing.

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You can use Aspell (Win32 version: http://aspell.net/win32/).

In your Delphi project you could use the command line pipe interface: aspell pipe:

C:\Programme\Aspell\bin>aspell pipe
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Aspell 0.50.3)



& helllo 18 0: hello, Helli, hell lo, hell-lo, hell, Heall, hallo, he'll, hullo,  Heller, heller, hellos, Jello, jello, Halli, Holli, hallow, hollow

& wourld 12 0: world, would, wold, whorled, wield, weld, wild, wooled, whirled, worlds, woulds, word
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DevExpress VCL also has a spell checker, though I have only played with a bit. I also own Addict which I use in software projects.

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If you can guarantee that your client always has MS Word installed, I'd suggest MS Word's built in spellchecker too with OLE automation.

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I use the TRichView component as my "text editor" in my Delphi application.

It supports many spellcheckers that work with Delphi. You may want to compare the ones that it supports:


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