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I'm evaluating PHPStorm right now, and I've really grown fond of it. It's fast, has more or less everything perfectly implemented and the flow flows like a breeze...

The only thing bugging me (and that's a big one) is, that it doesn't seem to get the namespaces for my symfony2 project right.

See, in Netbeans, when I type use Symf[CTRL+SPACE] it show me all the Symfony namespaces, right out of the /vendors folder.

If I do the same in PHPStorm, no namesapces are shown. That means that the whole code copletion doesn't work for the vendor libraries, which is really very, very bad in terms of easy and fast programming.

Now, I'm quite sure that I'm just missing a setting somewhere, but I just can't find it.

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Looks like a known issue in PhpStorm.

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This is not an issue anymore, there is a Symfony plugin that works most of the time now.

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