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I am trying to log the soap request and response messages of a service in C#. I have a ready made soap extension which does all this, however I am having trouble adding it to the service method.

Since I have a service reference added in my VS project and not a web service reference, when i check the reference file for this service, I don't see the method which is doing the invoking of the remote service. All the examples I saw were of adding to a web service, which has a different reference format.

How can I log the soap messages in this case?


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Soap extension is only for using ASMX based service or client = Add web reference. Once you used Add service reference you are using WCF client API instead and you cannot use Soap extension. You must create message inspector instead.

If you need message logging only for debugging purpose you can use built in WCF message logging.

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I see. Thanks for your help. Now it's clear. –  Jackhammer Aug 24 '11 at 15:14

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