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Actually, I want to validate the Canadian postal code form field using jQuery validation.

so i add the below method to validate Canadian postal code

//Canada zipcode validation methode 
    jQuery.validator.addMethod("canadazipRegex", function(value, element) {
            return this.optional(element) || /^[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTVXY]{1}[0-9]{1}[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z]{1}[ ]?[0-9]{1}[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z]{1}[0-9]{1}$/i.test(value);
    }, "<br>You must enter your postal code in this format: A#A  #A#");

using this regular Expression

^[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTVXY]{1}[0-9]{1}[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z]{1}[ ]?[0-9]{1}[ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z]{1}[0-9]{1}$

the field should allow only this format

A#A #A#

like :A1A 1A1

Not like:A1A1A1

So,How can i make sure white space after 3 characters.

I am not good with regular Expressions. if you give me good tutorial links also appreciated

Thanks in advance !

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I don't have a solution to the regex problem, but from a UX standpoint I'd allow A1A1A1 and add the space on the server/with JavaScript. Nothing is more annoying than when a form forces you to do something it could very well do automatically. –  Juhana Aug 24 '11 at 9:02

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Don't make the space optional :


Also there are no needs to use quantifier {1}

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+1 or as indicated in Juhana's comment, do make the spaces completely optional, and add them if they are missing; ^([ABCEGHJ-NPRSTVXY][0-9][ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z])\s*([0-9][ABCEGHJ-NPRSTV-Z][0-9])$ and glue together the first and the second group with a space between them in your code. –  tripleee Aug 24 '11 at 10:49
@M42:very helpful,Thanks.But Couldn't understand Juhana's comment ,Could you explain.just for enthusiastic. –  gowri Aug 25 '11 at 3:31

\x20 matches will spaces. Try using that

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:Sorry, I already said i'm not good with regexp .so please give me full regular expression to that.I dont know where to add –  gowri Aug 24 '11 at 9:08

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