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I am a NOOB trying to work with delayed_job.

I want to update a User Model after the mail is successfully sent using delayed job.

Send email:


if mail sent successfully do the following:

User.update_attributes(:emailed =>  true)

How can I get a callback or trigger when the email is successfully sent?

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You need to create a Job object instead of calling the #delay helper. You can use the success hook to execute the callback.

class WelcomeEmailJob < Struct.new(:user_id)
  def perform

  def success(job)
    user.update_attribute(:emailed, true)


    def user
      @user ||= User.find(user_id)

Delayed::Job.enqueue WelcomeEmailJob.new(user.id)
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Wow that looks awesome. I will give it a try. Thanks Simone that is great stuff. –  chell Aug 24 '11 at 11:04

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