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In my application i have a lot of pictures divided into few categories: (the following is an application tree inside a project and at my HDD)

- Resources
-- Thumbs
-- Images
-- Buttons
-- Default.png

In thumbs folder i have a lot of .png files. The problem is i want to know how many of these files are in this folder. I type such command:

NSArray *namesArray = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathsForResourcesOfType:@".png" inDirectory:@"Resources/Thumbs"];

And it doesn't find any files inside bundle. When i use inDirectory:@"." i get a list of all .png (so from Images,Buttons + Default), while i need only this one catalog.

I've tried to add these folders to project by 2 ways: 1-"Create groups for any added folder" and 2-"Create folder references for any added folders"

When i use option 1 inDirectory:@"Resources/Thumbs"]; doesn't work(namesArray is 0 objects). To test i tried inDirectory:@"."], and it went out that path is:

 /Users/name.surname/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.3.2/Applications/applicationNumber/applicationName.app/0.png

When i use option 2 while compiling i stop at "Attaching to applicationName..." and project never runs.

How to know how many images do i have in my Thumbs folder..?

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I had to use command:

NSArray *namesArray = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathsForResourcesOfType:@".png" inDirectory:@"Thumbs/."];

And add folders as a reference, everything worked then ^^.

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What do you mean "Add the folder as a reference"? –  Gal Nov 4 '13 at 8:52
@Gal This question and answer is 2 years old. Please use xcassets. –  Vive Nov 4 '13 at 8:59
you are right, but for the sake of developers that want to use the pathsForResourcesOfType I added an answer below. –  Gal Nov 5 '13 at 9:03

NSArray *array = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathsForResourcesOfType:@".png" inDirectory:@"Thumbs"];

To use this function, you need to declare your folder like this (When you drag the folder into your bundle):

enter image description here

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