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I'd like, to jQuery, understand if an element exist into another element.

Somethings like :


must return YES if .search_element is into #container, NO otherwise.

How can I do it? Tried with $.contains('#container', '.search_element') but seems that this function doesnt works...

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Maybe this post can help you:… – Bas Slagter Aug 24 '11 at 10:42
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See my answer [ HERE ] for a MUCH more robust plugin!

You could easily shorten @Chris answer with:

if($("#container .search_element").length) { ...

You could also do the same with a useful plugin i made for this:


(function($) {
    if (!$.exist) {
            exist: function(elm) {
                if (typeof elm == null) return false;
                if (typeof elm != "object") elm = $(elm);
                return elm.length ? true : false;
            exist: function() {
                return $.exist($(this));


//  With your if statement
if($("#container .search_element").exist()) { ...

//  With ID 
//  OR

//  With class name
//  OR

//  With just tag // prolly not best idea aS there will be other tags on site
//  OR

Of course this plugin could be further extended to be much more fancy (handling multiple calls at once, creating non-existing elements based on a pram), but as it stand now, it does a very simple, very needed function ... Does this element exist? return True or False


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Tip (i'm thinking of doing this anyway, but not sure its how people will want to use it) you could edit the plugin to have a callback function. Then you wouldn't need the "if" statement at all. – SpYk3HH Sep 17 '13 at 15:46

A simple length check:

if($("#container").find(".search_element").length) {
    // If the length is greater than 0, it exists
} else {
    // else, false
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You can use .is and :has, just to be complete. I would prefer a solution which tests .length though.

if($('#container').is(':has(.search_element)')) {
   // I haz that
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check the length of the array

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jQuery has a default method for this:


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