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Basically I want to be able to mix in live or historical processing into my algorithm. The following does not compile.

// Event driven processing
class Event {


// Live events (as opposed to historical)
trait Live extends Event {


class Algorithm {


new Algorithm with Live 
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By declaring trait Live extends Event, you specify that Live can only be applied to subclasses of Event. Later, you're trying to apply it to Algorithm, which is not a subclass of Event, hence the compiler complains.

Depending on your original intent (not clear from that snippet), you may want to either:

  • Declare Event as a trait itself;
  • Have Algorithm extend Event.
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You are doing multiple classes inheritance there. if trait Live extends Event, your type Algorithm with Live has two class ancestors, Event and Algorithm. This is forbidden. what you want to do is not clear, but if it is possible to make Event a trait rather than a class, it should work. trait Live extends Event imply that Live has to be mixed with Event or a subclass. So if Algorithm can extend Event (doesn't sound likely), that would work too.

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The complete example would be:

// Event driven processing. Must be a trait due to didierd's comment
// and Jean-Philippe's comment
trait Event

// Live events (as opposed to historical)
trait Live extends Event

// Self typing isn't strictly needed but generally it's not much use without it
// as I assume you're going to want to use methods of the Event within your
// Algorithm
class Algorithm { self: Event =>

val t = new Algorithm with Live 
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