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I am tracking project in with org-mode, which is working well for me. I have all of my blocks of work scheduled out, tasks are estimated and time is tracked.

I export it ~ once a week for other people to look at, but I can't get the effort and CLOCKSUM to show in the exported file.

How do I do that?

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You can either:

  • Set org-export-with-drawers to t. This will export the drawer properties below the header. It's exported as an example block, so if you want it to have it's own class for CSS selection, you'll have to define your own org-export-format-drawer function. I use the following configuration:

    (setq org-export-with-drawers t)
    (defun jbd-org-export-format-drawer (name content)
      "Export drawers to drawer HTML class."
      (setq content (org-remove-indentation content))
      (format "@<div class=\"drawer\">%s@</div>\n" content))
    (setq org-export-format-drawer-function 'jbd-org-export-format-drawer)


I'm actually using both methods for a current project.

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