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A popular way of writing CSS is like so:

#report-page aside.sidebar {

  #report-page aside.sidebar li {

    #report-page aside.sidebar li a {

It gets tedious to write this. I want to try and automate the repeated part. (Preprocessors like LESS solve this, but I can’t use it in this existing app.)

Espresso.app can insert a dynamic text snippet:

    <!-- The matched suffix allows you to capture information about the text 
         preceding the insertion point. Specify a regular expression here. -->
    <matched-suffix>(\s+)(is a vegetable)?</matched-suffix>

    <!-- The transform-into element is a regex replacement expression, and can use 
    the captured strings from matched-suffix to generate a conditional snippet. -->
    <transform-into>(?2:\1is a vegetable:\1is fantastic and )</transform-into>

Can you help me write a regular expression that looks for the first previous curly bracket {, and returns whatever’s before it on that line, excluding tabs and whitespace?

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Preprocessors like LESS solve this, but I can’t use it in this existing app.

Yes you can. Your project/framework doesn't have to support it, and you don't have to rewrite the whole css.

For example scss's syntax fully supports css's syntax, so you can just rename your .css file to .scss and it just works. After that you can start using scss syntax.

See http://sass-lang.com/

The sass/scss tool has a --watch switch that allows you to run it in background and automatically convert your .scss file to a .css file everytime the file is modified, while developping:

sass --scss --watch file.scss:file.css

If you prefer the sass syntax, sass comes with a sass-convert tool that can convert from and to css, scss and sass formats:

sass-convert --from css --to sass file.css file.sass

For you regex question, try this:


This will match the selector, without the whitespace/indentation before and after the selector.

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SASS messes with Espresso’s auto-completion and syntax highlighting. Espresso extensions to alleviate this were hastily written. –  Matthew Robertson Aug 24 '11 at 12:12
Did you tried SCSS instead ? –  arnaud576875 Aug 24 '11 at 12:42
yay, that works. But how do I invert it so it finds the last occurrence, not the first? –  Matthew Robertson Sep 2 '11 at 0:25
/cc @arnaud576875 (it stripped out the at-reply the first time.) –  Matthew Robertson Sep 2 '11 at 0:27

This regular expression matches all text from start of line until the first opening curly bracket. It will match the whole line on lines which do not have a curly bracket; add a literal curly bracket at the end if that is an issue.

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