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I have to extract the data from fxstreet I extracted the HTML code with firebug and it seems like the webpage is using Comet and HTTP streaming.

I would like to fill in a dictionary every second with the data without having to refresh the page. I did it with urllib.urlopen but I am obliged to do a query every second.

Someone knows a proper way to pull the data from the Comet & http streaming? thanks

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You'll probably want to use gevent, Tornado, or Twisted to write an asynchronous HTTP client to consume your service. There have been quite a few projects built for working with the Twitter Streaming API that you might look to for inspiration:

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I am not an expert in this matter, but what I know is that Comet works in a way that responds request only when the time is near the limit or there was some change on the server. Thus you can make Comet requests and assume that nothing changed unless the Comet request has returned something.

So, basically, you can make Comet requests and store the data returned by Comet request in the table. By the other request (which can be sent every second), check the table for newly added data and return it if found.

Is this what you expected?

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thanks you both but It is not exactly what I expected, I don't want to send a request every second to get the data.. I want to be permanently "connected" to the data stream and fill automatically my dictionnary with the new data. without requesting or refreshing anything. –  kingpin Aug 24 '11 at 12:40

Just pull the data and instantiate the query again in the same instant, not in 1 second - Comet just means the server won't respond until it has new data available.

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