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An example entity class

public class Employee {
    Long getId();
    String getName();
    Address getAddress();  

I want to query this class using projections and result transformer. The address bean is an embedded entity in the employee table having fields like city, pin, firstLine, secondLine et-all. So when I use criteria (projections) to create the following query:

select id, name, city from Employee

the result transformer (I am using alias to bean transformer) fails as it is trying to assign the value associated with city to the address bean. What I was hoping it would do is to assign the address bean with only the city value populated and the remaining values uninitialized.

Is there a way this can be accomplished using existing result transformers of hibernate or do I have to write my own if I wish for such a behavior?

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Show us your code. Do you use the ResultTransformer to create partially populated instances of Employee? This is a bad idea. Use a specific DTO class. –  JB Nizet Aug 24 '11 at 13:15

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