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Suppose I have the following java classes. These cannot be modified

class RealtimeData {
    protected void onEvent(Object obj) {

class HistoricalData {
    protected void onEvent(Object obj) {

In Scala, I have a BusinessLogic class which does not require recompilation when switching from historical to live data. I have tried something like the following

trait Realtime extends RealtimeData {
    override def onEvent(obj: Any) {
        // my processing here


new BusinessLogic with Realtime

With the idea being that I could also do

new BusinessLogic with Historical

Unfortunately I run into an inheritance compilation problem. Are there alternative ways to achieve the overall goal of no recompilation of BusinessLogic?

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Could not BusinessLogic simply get a Data at construction. If RealTimeData and HistoricalData have no common ancestor (is that your problem?), then it is probably best to define the service used by BusinessLogic as a trait and add implicit conversions.

trait Data { def onEvent(obj: Any) }
object Data {
  implicit def fromRealTime(r: RealTimeData) = new Data{
    def onEvent(obj: Any) = r.onEvent(obj)
  // same for Historical

class BusinessLogic[D <% Data](data: D) 

Alternatively, is what you want is to add behavior to your java data class, again implicit might be the way to go. Still with the trait data, the implicit conversions, and the parameter at constructor, you might add another implicit conversion

object BusinessLogic {
  implicit def extendedWithBusinessLogic[D <% Data](data: D) = new BusinessLogic(data)

Finally, you may also consider structural types, the closest think to what you tried, but I'm not sure to understand what for :

type Data = {def onEvent(obj: Any)}
trait BusinessLogic{self: Data => 
  def onSeveralEvents(objs: Any*) = for (obj <- objs) onEvent(obj)
val historicalWithBusiness = new HistoricalData with BusinessLogic
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