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I am Working on Microsoft

I have a requirement ,

I have an excel file containing formatted text in a cell (ex: text will be bold,italic,color) . I need to save the cell content in to the sql database. Then i need to show the saved formatted text from database to a new excel file.

How to assign RTF code and HTML code to Excel cell.

Is there any option available. Please help

Thanks Sandeep

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What have you tried? – Ryan Gates Jun 13 '13 at 15:11

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i think you can use openxml to split the data along with cell formart and save in different tables in your db by referencing some id. Lets say sheet 1 has sheetid as 1 and against this sheet id save data in your table and against same sheetid save cell number and style associated like font border fill.

Below Link can be helpful.

I am writing code for the same will share soon

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