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Since my app works with subdomains, I need to get the subdomain the user is during the registration process. This can be made with request.subdomain or my custom method current_subdomain, and works on all the app.

But it never goes on Devise. My last try was override the RegistrationsController with no success at all.

class RegistrationsController < Devise::RegistrationsController
  def new
    @subdomain = current_subdomain
    puts @subdomain + " ON NEW"
    resource = build_resource({})
    respond_with_navigational(resource, @subdomain){ render_with_scope :new }

  def create
    @subdomain = current_subdomain
    puts @subdomain + " ON CREATE"

Not that the puts work perfectly during the process.

The link that is generated on the email is on the default Devise view, and I configured like that:

<p><%= link_to 'Confirm!', confirmation_url(@resource, :confirmation_token =>
@resource.confirmation_token, :host => @subdomain+".lvh.me:3000") %></p>

As usual it says my subdomain is nil. How can I make this?


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There is a wiki article in the devise wiki concerning this:

How To: Send emails from subdomains

Devise uses the ActionMailer configuration, and your code doesn't affect those.

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All working thanks a lot. –  Worker 8 Aug 24 '11 at 13:51

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