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I am developing my first plugin for eclipse. I'd like to include somehow an XSLT file in the build so I can use it in plugin source code.

For example, my plugin adds a new option in right-click menu for XML files: "Do XSL Transformation". After clicking that option I want my plugin to perform a XSL transformation on selected file using one specific file.

So the question is, how to include the XSL file in plugin build, and how to reference it in plugin code?

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The post is a bit old, but since I struggled a bit on that one... Here are the steps I followed :

Add the xsl file (or whatever file) in your project.

In build.properties, include the xsl file.

In any class, access your file with the following code :

InpuStream xslIS = this.getClass().getRessourceAsStream("/myXSLFile");
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I did it in a bit different way, also I added file in build.properties, but then accessed the file using the following code: new File(FileLocator.toFileURL(FileLocator.find(bundle, new Path("/addins/smrl/odf2shore.xslt"), Collections.EMPTY_MAP)).toURI()); –  WojtusJ Sep 13 '12 at 20:44

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