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Looking for readable example use of Omni Xml package.

the documentation now is 2 examples, for loading and writing, nothing about reading, nor iterating.

could you provide a simple reading Xml ,example of one repeatable property

such as

<value p1=1></value>
<value p1=2 p2='32432'/>
<value p1=3 p3='fdsf'><other></other></value>

how to iterate over all the values and get the p1 property.

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This question is similar to this one. It shows how to access child nodes. Does it help? –  Ken White Aug 24 '11 at 17:06

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  node : IXMLNode;
  other: IXMLNode;
  xml  : IXMLDocument;
  xml := CreateXMLDoc;
  if XMLLoadFromFile(xml, 'fname.xml') then begin // 3 more notes
    for node in XMLEnumNodes(xml,'/root/value') do begin
      Writeln(GetNodeAttrStr(node, 'p1', ''), ';', GetNodeAttrStr(node, 'p2', ''), ';', 
        GetNodeAttrStr(node, 'p3', ''));
      other := SelectNode(node, 'other');

Warning: Untested, written in browser.

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XMLEnumNodes, is overloaded with 3 functions, for enumaration by node by xml or by nodelist. very useful for "for". –  none Aug 25 '11 at 9:07

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