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I realize this is a weird question, but I am writing a presentation and I want to discuss the difference between intutivie APIs and unintuitive ones. Intuitiveness has to do with function names, complex signature, etc.

I am using JMS as my intuitive example (especially since it's object oriented and the sample code is very obvious).

I am looking for a convincing ugly example, preferably not object-oriented, and ideally with some hello-world code I could copy.

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Would you be willing to post your presentation? –  ojblass Apr 4 '09 at 21:32
@ojblass: It's a presentation about a research paper (you can see the paper on my site), but I wanted to add a slide demonstrating this evolution before I get to JMS. I'll put the presentation on slideshare when it's done. –  Uri Apr 4 '09 at 21:54
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It might be SAS script but MQ has always been a rats nest of hardcoded values and cryptic paramaters: this kind of crap will make any decent programmer want to vomit.

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