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I am using Cognos web reporting and we commonly use Javascript to manupulate the tool generated objects. In this case, I have some textboxes on the page which are generated by Cognos and I can access them in javascript as: fW._textEditBoxAsia.value

Here, fW is the form name and _textEditBoxAsia is the tool generated field name for textbox. I want to actually loop through all the textboxes and I know their names will be _textEditBoxAmerica, _textEditBoxEurope, _textEditBoxAustralia, and so on. I have the list of regions in an array. I just want some dynamic way to address the textboxes.

So, something like this:

for (var i=0; i< array.length; i++)   
{   (fW._textEditBox + array[i].value).value = 0 ;   }

Can you please guide me on how to achieve the above?

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for (var i=0; i< array.length; i++)
    document.fW["_textEditBox" + array[i]].value = 0; 
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