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I´m using Netbeans 7.0.1 for PHP development and after installing the Git plugin (NBGit), all my projects started automatically using the Git version control.

I was reading to see if I was doing something wrong but according to that I was supposed to, on each project, do "Versioning > Initialize Git Repository".

But the only thing I have is "Connect" and after that all my projects start using Git. It's all or nothing. How can I change this setting in order that only the projects I want get versioned?

(Under Mac OS 10.7)

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Where the .git is created? Is a .git created for all of your projects or one .git within each one? In the latter case, did you try to declare only that project in NetBeans workspace, Initialize the git repo, and then add the others projects? – VonC Aug 24 '11 at 19:46

Upgrade your Netbeans to version 7.1 or (better) 7.2. Versions 7.1+ have native Git support. No plugin required. In my experience with these versions, non-git projects remain non-git until a repo is initialized or cloned.

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