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Dot Net - couldn't download few MPG files

We have a website where we can download .MPG files. The website is built on .NET and SQL server . we are able to download few files but few files we couldn't. files are getting downloaded 99% and in the end getting

"cannot download file the connection with the server was reset".

However if I directly give the full path of the MPG file in Internet exlporer, I am able to download all the files.

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I think.. and this is just a guess.. That you are reaching the limitation of the httpruntime of 4megs. You need to declare in your web.config the httpruntime tag and change it to something larger (larger than your biggest file). However, this also allows users to upload files of the same size - just as a caution (If you are allowing users to upload). This is a functionality of the Framework.

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Hi @cgcarter1 Thanks for your reply. I am able to download bigger and smaller files. But not all the files . The failures contain big and small files. –  Ravi Aug 24 '11 at 17:19

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